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Sergey Young - Start Aging In Reverse!
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Is it possible to live for 150 HEALTHY years? How about 200 years? My guest on the show this week, SERGEY YOUNG believes you can! He backs it up with the keys and strategies to doing so. He gives a detailed look into brand new breakthroughs in science and technology that can help you do it now and gives you a vision of the emerging strategies coming the next 10 to 20 years! Sergey is easily one of the most UNIQUE guests I’ve ever had on my show. It’s impossible to not be CURIOUS about what he thinks and how he plans to reach those goals. Sergey is a longevity investor and visionary who founded the $100 MILLION LONGEVITY VISION FUND to accelerate life extension technological breakthroughs and to make longevity affordable and accessible to all. He looks for cutting edge investments that are exploring ways to make it possible to reverse aging and treat previously incurable diseases. He also recently published “THE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY OF GROWING YOUNG” that explores a lot of the exciting breakthroughs taking place and how these may impact you sooner rather than later. Although we touch on the science of aging, Sergey and I spend a lot of time on PRACTICAL steps you can take NOW to LIVE LONGER. Do you want to know what MEDICAL SCREENINGS you should do to let you live longer? Do you want to know the right way to EAT to live longer? How about gaining a better understanding of the importance of SLEEP and why it should become your SUPERPOWER? I know a lot of you enjoy WINE and COFFEE. Would you like to know about how those two beverages affect your health? You don’t have to give them up, but there is an optimal amount for good health. Sergey also gets into an explanation of the science behind the aging process and how it’s possible to more effectively treat diseases than ever before. You need to hear what he has to say about GENETIC EDITING, CRISPR, HORMONE, and OXYGEN therapy. This is not a just discussion about living longer. It’s a discussion about IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE so you can live longer… A LOT LONGER!

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