Mel Robbins - Motivational Power Of A High Five


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Mel Robbins - Motivational Power Of A High Five
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Some people you meet, you instantly CONNECT with them. MEL ROBBINS is one of those people for me. Ask anybody who knows me, and they will tell you that she is simply one of my favorite human beings I’ve ever met. When you listen to this week’s episode, you’ll see why one of Mel’s superpowers is to connect with people wherever she goes. In a smart, earthy, funny, and candid talk, Mel is a LIVE WIRE who’s going to win you over from the start. A former criminal defense attorney, she is now one of the most sought-after motivational speakers in America. You may know her from her appearances on CNN as a legal analyst, or as the host Cox Media Group's _The Mel Robbins Show, A&E's Monster In-Laws, and Fox's Someone's Gotta Go._ You may think that something as simple as giving a HIGH FIVE doesn’t amount to much, but as Mel explains, one HIGH FIVE can make all the difference in the world. Think about it. You have a lifetime of positive programming from giving others high fives. It’s impossible to say something negative a then give someone a high five. The two actions are INCONGRUENT. You’ve never given it any thought, have you? But Mel has. She’s figured it out and applied the NEUROSCIENCE to back it up. Like many great actions, it’s the simple ones like HIGH FIVES that carry the most weight for me and you. That includes the importance of learning how to properly HIGH FIVE YOURSELF to start your day. Yes…it’s important to HIGH FIVE other people but it’s ESSENTIAL that you validate your self-worth by generously giving yourself HIGH FIVES. It’s even more CRITICAL when you haven’t accomplished anything big than when you do. Mind-blowing, isn’t it? But when Mel goes into the physiological details, it makes perfect sense. If that isn’t enough, Mel shares some eye-opening insights on how to cope with gossip and jealously. Here’s a hint. Learn to EMBRACE JEALOUSY. And if you’d like to know how 5 SECONDS can change your life several times a day, Mel gives an awesome tutorial about the power of a 5-4-3-2-1 countdown. There’s so much to impact behind the psychology of a HIGH FIVE. BOTTOM LINE… A HIGH FIVE is an amazing gift you can give others. More important, a HIGH FIVE is an AMAZING gift you can give YOURSELF.

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