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Sarah Klein - Cancel The Culture Of Abuse
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SARAH KLEIN’S STORY IS DIFFICULT AND UNSETTLING to listen to, but if ever there was an episode of my podcast you need to hear, it’s this one. You may not know who Sarah is yet, but there's a good chance YOU KNOW HER STORY. Sarah was a competitive gymnast who became the first known survivor of sexual abuse by former Michigan State University and USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar. SHE WAS 8 WHEN NASSAR BEGAN MOLESTING HER IN 1988. Eventually, Sarah was among more than 150 women who confronted Nassar at his trial. With the help of her testimony and many others, Nassar was sentenced to 40 to 175 years in prison in January 2018. Sarah was also sexually abused by John Geddert, best known at one time as the head coach for the 2012 U.S. Women's Olympic gymnastics team, which featured the Fierce Five, who took home the gold medal in London that year. Geddert worked closely with Nassar, but unlike Nassar, he escaped justice by committing suicide after being charged with two dozen crimes, including human trafficking, forced labor, and sexually assaulting a teenage girl. Sarah, now 40, is an attorney who has helped hundreds of other survivors of Nassar's abuse and has become a STAUNCH ADVOCATE for abuse survivors everywhere. Sarah's horrific experiences are painful, but they are not without PURPOSE. As a survivor, Sarah has FIRST-HAND KNOWLEDGE and INSIGHTS about protecting your children from becoming victims. She shares how your children can SPOT AN ABUSER’S RED FLAGS and what PARENTS AND CONCERNED ADULTS can do to help FIGHT against abuse. We also talk about the long-term effects of abuse on women's lives and how to help someone heal after they’ve gone through this kind of ordeal. Sexual abuse against girls, and boys for that matter, are hideous crimes. It’s difficult to talk about, which means too often it's easy to pass it along as not your problem or my problem. BUT JUST THE OPPOSITE IS TRUE! If you suspect somebody is being abused, you have a DUTY to SPEAK UP and TAKE ACTION to protect those who can’t defend themselves!!

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