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Ben Newman - Find The BURN Within You
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You will never meet a more PASSIONATE and ENTHUSIASTIC man than this week’s guest, BEN NEWMAN. Ben is one of the most sought-after PERFORMANCE coaches in America. He’s worked with a lot of people and companies you'll know, and a few that will be new to you. We’ve known each other for so long that in many ways, this feels a lot like a FIRESIDE CHAT between two old friends. Ben released his new book, UNCOMMON LEADERSHIP, earlier this month. It immediately jumped to the top of the WALLSTREET JOURNAL LIST, and several other bestseller lists as well. This is an UPLIFTING book you’re going to want to read. Ben doesn’t just talk about different theoretical paths to leadership, he talks firsthand about the people he’s worked with over the years including JERRY RICE, JON GORDON, and several Olympic and MMA athletes. As Ben explains, there is NO SINGLE WAY TO LEAD. He peels back these uncommon journeys to success and helps readers understand why and how they can be great leaders, too. For example, Ben has been blessed to be the mental performance coach for the ALABAMA FOOTBALL TEAM over the past several seasons. You’ll want to hear what he has to say about working closely with COACH NICK SABAN, and one of the coach’s beliefs about how to change your MINDSET when you practice that YOU CAN APPLY to any challenge in your life. If you want to know what makes Coach Saban uncommon, this strategy alone will convince you. We also spend a lot of time comparing NOTES, sharing STRATEGIES, and trading DETAILS on things every one of you can apply to your own lives. One of these is his signature strategy called THE BURN. THE BURN is the underlying motivation that resides in each one of us and Ben reveals how to DIG DEEP and TRANSFORM your Burn into real-life actionable items to help you do great things. You’ll also want to hear what Ben has to say about how FAITH often plays a central role in some of the great leaders he’s worked with. We exchange some FRANK and HUMBLE thoughts on the subject. Ben has a simple but insightful take on one of the differences between great and not-so-great leaders. Pay attention to what Ben has to say about MY vs. OUR. It’s GOLD. Finally, I want you all the know the kind of man Ben Newman is. In honor of his mother who was a teacher, Ben is donating ALL PROCEEDS from Uncommon Leadership to a CHARITY that helps teachers’ pay for classroom supplies and activities. To date, he’s DONATED $50,000 to this cause. And that, my friends, is what an UNCOMMON LEADER does.

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