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Rebecca Zung - Slay Every Negotiation
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DO YOU HAVE PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE WHO REGULARLY DROP ONE OR MORE OF THESE PHRASES ON YOU? “You interrupted me.” “Just because I didn’t…” “What about your issues?” “What more do you want from me?” “You’re the only one who thinks that way.” “You made me…..” If so, you may be dealing with a NARCISSIST. This week, I’m welcoming Rebecca Zung to my show for a revealing discussion on how to deal with narcissists, negotiating better, uncovering the differences between how men and women think, and much more. Rebecca started out with HUMBLE beginnings and has since transformed herself into one a TOP 1% ATTORNEY in the nation, and AUTHOR OF MANY BEST-SELLING BOOKS. While you're reading those be sure to check out her YouTube channel as well! As Rebecca explains, narcissism is beyond UNHEALTHY, and often DIFFICULT TO SPOT. Narcissists have a fragile sense of self and that turns them into expert MANIPULATORS who prey upon certain kinds of people close to them to get what they want. But narcissism is a lot more INSIDIOUS than that. Rebecca has a “SLAY” strategy and a “MANIPULATE THE MANIPULATOR” strategy you can use to ethically negotiate and deal with these kinds of toxic people at work and in your personal relationships. These strategies are easy to understand and put into practice. Narcissists are also fond of FLIPPING THE SCRIPT and putting the blame back on their accusers. Rebecca has will tell you the best way to respond when you’re confronted with people and situations like that as well. If you’re looking for ways to NEGOTIATE your way to a BETTER LIFE, Rebecca’s got some great advice in that area, too. I won’t give it away here, but you MUST listen to one particular nugget of PURE WISDOM Rebecca offers up, in addition to several other tips on how to get the upper hand in all types of negotiations. And if you’re looking for some tips on how MEN AND WOMEN can negotiate better with each other, Rebecca’s got great insights on that as well, including one divorce story involving MILLIONS OF DOLLARS that will blow your mind. You’re going to find Rebecca Zung highly relatable on a lot of levels.

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