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Mark & Crystal Hansen - Ask! & Fulfill Your Destiny
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DO YOU WANT THE RIGHT ANSWERS IN LIFE? IT ALL STARTS WITH ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS. Are you ready for this ? MY GUEST HAS SOLD 500 MILLION BOOKS! Yep… 500,000,000 Mark is a legend and an icon In this interview he and his incredible wife Crystal are going to teach you how to ask the right questions and HOW to ASK for what you want! Best known as the co-author of the CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL book series, Mark is a highly sought-after keynote speaker who has helped untold numbers of people achieve massive success through his teachings and wisdom. As an author, he has written 59 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERS. Mark is a prolific audio and video producer who has also spoken to 6,000 audiences and continues to share his compelling knowledge and wisdom along with his soul-mate and wife, Crystal Dwyer Hansen, to gatherings throughout the world. It was an honor to share time with Mark and Crystal in this latest episode. We cover how simple but also how difficult it is for people to ASK FOR HELP in their lives. Mark and Crystal explore this topic in great detail in their latest book, “Ask!: The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny,” which I read in two days and HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Our talk also touches upon the power of asking GOD for help and asking your SUBCONSCIOUS to help you solve whatever challenges you're facing. These are the types of things that EVERY ONE OF YOU can do to improve your life. Mark and Crystal also get into the ROADBLOCKS that keep us from asking questions that can help us lead RICHER lives. UNDERSTAND THIS! We all have the ability to ask questions. As Mark and Crystal reveal, it’s the QUALITY of the questions we ask ourselves and how they relate to our feelings and emotions that determine the types of answers we get.

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