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Ryan & Jen Hamilton - Behind The Viral Videos
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This is one of the most INSPIRING and DETAILED episodes of all time Imagine coming home suffering from severe depression, anxiety And PTSD after your deployment in Iraq To the point where you can’t even leave your house And turning that into a social media empire, massive worldwide business and iconic status as an influencer couple?! That’s what Ryan and Jennifer Hamilton have done! Wanna know how they did it and the details? They tell you in this interview! SOCIAL MEDIA HAS CHANGED EVERYTHING. And one of the greatest social media influencer success stories I’ve ever come across is this couple. They have more than 10 million followers on TikTok in one year, 6 million followers on Instagram at their @hammy_tv page and rack up hundreds of millions of views on all platforms . The numbers are compelling, but their back story is even more so. At 19, Ryan joined the military deployed to Iraq, came back with crippling anxiety and PTSD which he suffered through for years. Always a joker, he turned to making videos, met Jen, and that’s when things started to really “click.” You’ll learn why they’re having such great SUCCESS and what you can do to tap into some of those things. Here are a few hints…be relatable, stay in your niche, and offer up value. However, things really exploded when Ryan and Jen began to create content together! (their humor is definitely for adults btw, nothing too over the top… But certainly for adults) Ryan and Jen share other deep INSIGHTS on how to create COMPELLING content, the psychology of viewers, and why you need to pay attention to the technical aspects of each post, too. If you’ve ever wanted to truly grow your social media, it’s a FASCINATING discussion by two people who are doing it better than everyone else. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Ryan a little bit over the last couple years as a bit of a mentor to him, and I can tell you that he’s a special person and Jennifer is even better! Although their content is for adults, their message in the show is for everyone!

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