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Jo Frost - Supernanny's Parenting Secrets
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FAMILY IS EVERYTHING! Raising kids isn't easy Even if you don’t have children, having a strong relationship is not easy… We cover both of these things in the interview… Obviously we talk a great deal about raising children. But we also discussed relationships in general, including those that don’t involve children As parent, building a STRONG and HEALTHY family is the most rewarding thing we’ll ever do in our lives. This week's guest Jo Frost is the worlds top expert in this department! She became a fixture in England where she was the central figure in the popular television show Supernanny UK. In fact, spinoffs were created in almost 50 countries, cementing Mary Jo’s reputation as a family, relationships, and parenting expert. Since that time, she has done other television work and authored several books on improving family dynamics and raising children as well. In our interview, Jo lays out the challenges of how the world has become and a pressure-filled place to raise a family, especially in a post-pandemic era. Technology and social media have also further complicated and impacted our lives as well. Despite these changes, Jo has takeaways on how family dynamics have not changed in many ways. The need to create a STABLE and LOVING home is as timeless as ever. That provides children with the courage they need to go out and live their best lives, knowing they will always have a SAFE SANCTUARY waiting for them. We also dig into the proper way to DISCIPLINE children, how to create family goals, and navigate through difficult issues in families where dysfunction exists, or a divorce has taken place. You’ll also want to hear Jo’s best practices on being a better parent. She is on point when we talk about CONFIDENCE, having a plan, why it’s important to let children fail, and how parents should react when failure does take place. If you're looking to improve your FAMILY DYNAMICS and RELATIONSHIPS, you must listen to this podcast.

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