Cindy Eckert - Pink CEO Reveals Billion Dollar Secret


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Cindy Eckert - Pink CEO Reveals Billion Dollar Secret
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IT’S TIME TO “THINK PINK” ON THIS WEEK’S EPISODE! Cindy Eckert is a DEAR FRIEND, and has become an important ANGEL INVESTOR, SERIAL ENTREPRENEUR, WOMEN’S HEALTH ADVOCATE, AND A VISIONARY HEALTH TECH CEO. Whether you’re a man or a woman, if you’ve ever had even the faintest glimmer of walking away from your current job and starting your own company, you’re going to absolutely LOVE Cindy Eckert’s story and what you can LEARN from her. You’re all familiar with what Viagra does for men, but I’ll bet not too many of you know Cindy is the one who got FDA approval for Addyi, the first drug designed to enhance female libido. After FDA approval, she sold her company, Sprout Pharmaceuticals, to Valeant for a cool $1 BILLION. It wasn’t her first company sale either, having previously sold another start-up for $500 MILLION. Here's the fascinating part of Cindy’s story. As part of a lawsuit settlement against Valeant, she reacquired Sprout and the rights to Addyi for next to nothing after Valeant’s stock collapsed by 80% due to insider trading and price manipulation allegations. People like Cindy can’t sit still for very long. So, she launched a “PINKUBATOR” and a VC/consulting firm called the PINK CEILING as a way of leveling the start-up and entrepreneurial environment for women. Cindy has a wealth of KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE you're going to want to tap into. In our ENERGETIC interview, Cindy and I talk quite a bit about the DNA required to be an entrepreneur, how to overcome INEVITABLE SETBACKS, and the MINDSET you need to have in a start-up company, Most important of all, Cindy stresses that to be successful as an entrepreneur, everyone in your company has to have “SKIN IN THE GAME.” We also get into the need for establishing the right CORPORATE CULTURE and why treating customers like GOLD is one of the foundational keys to SUCCESS. If you’re an owner, CEO, or you have management responsibilities where you work, Cindy’s INSIGHTS on finding, hiring, and managing people is something you must hear. Those of you who are ENTREPRENEURS searching for more CAPITAL for your business need to pay particular attention to what Cindy looks for when she's investing in someone's business. Cindy may be well known for the PINK outfits she wears every day, but her advice is TRUE BLUE, and you owe it to yourself to hear what she has to say. Be sure to grab pen and a notepad and take a lot of notes for this one.  

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