Dr. Amishi Jha - The Neuroscience Behind Mindfulness


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Dr. Amishi Jha - The Neuroscience Behind Mindfulness
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If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know the INNER WORKINGS OF THE MIND are a particularly fascinating subject for me. I hope you’re ready for a BRAINY conversation this week because that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about with my guest DR. AMISHI JHA. There are so many questions when it comes to optimizing how your brain functions. Are you curious about how you can do a better job of paying ATTENTION? Are you curious why you get DISTRACTED so easily? Dr. Jha has got some revealing insights you’re going to want to hear. Dr. Jha is the Director of Contemplative Neuroscience and Professor of Psychology at the University of Miami where she is one of the leading experts in the world on the study of COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE. Dr. Jha is also the author of the newly published book, PEAK MIND Even though they’re critical success skills, many of us fall short when it comes to mindfulness and maintaining focus. As part of our discussion, Dr. Jha also weighs in with THREE SYSTEMS you can put into practice to help you improve these essential skills. We also talk about how you can DO AWAY WITH BIASES that are influencing your actions and what you focus on. As Dr. Jha explains, learning how to step back from your preconceived narratives gives you CLARITY going forward. Dr. JHA ties a lot of these ideas together when we talk about MENTAL TOUGHNESS through GREATER SELF-AWARENESS of your mind. We even get into how powerful your brain is through its ability to TIME TRAVEL and MIND TRAVEL. There’s so much we’ve learned about the brain, but so much that we don’t understand. Here’s one last thing to think about. What we do know, and as Dr. Jha proves, is that you can achieve BETTER LIVING through a BETTER RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR BRAIN.

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