Chris Hansen – Protecting Ourselves From Predators

How do you distinguish between good people in your life and predatory or bad people? I’m talking about in every area of your life.

This week’s guest, Chris Hansen, strikes an incredibly emotional chord with me.

You may or may not know that right after I got out of college, the first place I worked at was in a group home for abused and neglected boys.

The time I spent with those boys had a PROFOUND effect on me, and as a result, I’m FIERCELY PROTECTIVE when it comes to SAFEGUARDING CHILDREN against all kinds of hurtful behaviors they may encounter.

Chris is an eight-time EMMY AWARD-WINNING veteran investigative reporter, best known for his Dateline NBC segments, TO CATCH A PREDATOR. He has also hosted several other criminal investigations shows and currently produces a podcast and content on a YouTube channel that draws huge audiences each week.

Sexual abuse of minors is particularly evil, and it happens far too often. That’s why it’s essential to listen to what Chris has to say. In fact, I believe Chris is the single MOST QUALIFIED PERSON there is to speak about dealing with sexual predators and steps you can take to PROTECT yourself and your children from these types of people.

In addition to talking about his work on To Catch a Predator, Chris and I spend a lot of time on PRACTICAL AND VALUABLE INFORMATION you need to know about different types of predators. We get into how to spot an online predator, whether you’re a parent, a teen, or a young single adult engaging in chat rooms and DATING apps.

How about in business? How do you know if someone’s got your best interest in mind or if they are setting you up for some predatory behavior to take advantage of you?

Chris also goes into detail about what GROOMING is and how widespread it is in the online world.

We cover the first steps a predator will take, recognizing this behavior and stopping it before it leads to other dangerous predatory practices.



As Chris explains, you must PROTECT your children and others by having AGE-APPROPRIATE DISCUSSIONS, DRAWING BOUNDARIES, and CREATING SAFER MEET-UPS especially when using dating apps.

Online grooming extends to financial predators as well. Chris and I have both seen it many times. Stealing and bleeding money from vulnerable people online is a lot more prevalent than you might think, especially for older people.

This isn’t always an easy subject to talk about, but through his work, Chris Hansen continues to RAISE AWARENESS and keep it in the public’s eye.

It’s IMPORTANT to listen this week and hear what Chris has to say.


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