Ed Mylett - X-Factor For Success In 2020


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Ed Mylett - X-Factor For Success In 2020
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The environMENTAL part of winning is just as important as the MENTAL aspect of achievement! I get asked all the time how I went from no running water to living oceanfront, and I want to share something that I haven’t talked much about. It is one of the MOST IMPORTANT keys to my success... ENVIRONMENT! We often think that the environment is just location but it’s much more than that. It’s the people you surround yourself with and whom you become while you’re in proximity to them. Your environment is either helping you grow, or it’s keeping you from leveling up. In this video, I talk about the SPECIFIC things you should be aware of regarding your PROXIMITY, your TRIGGERS, the ENERGY you surround yourself with, and your STANDARDS. Proverbs 27:17 scripture says “IRON sharpens IRON” This is because the people closest to us dictate who we become. None of us were BORN doubting, fearful, insecure, worried, nor depressed. We were born in God’s vision to do something SPECIAL. So what changed? Our ENVIRONMENT. Some of you may have all the pieces together. You’re working hard. You’re doing all the right things, but you aren’t LEVELING UP. The last part could be because you’re ENVIRONMENT is only sustainable to an OLD version of you. This video is a MUST SEE to people of all ages and paths in life. - I share what KIND of people you should have closest in proximity and HOW to find them. - The QUESTIONS you need to be asking yourself about who these people are and how they support you. - What TRIGGERS to look out for. - How LOVING someone and BELIEVING in someone can be different. - What are your STANDARDS when you are around these people. -What kind of ENERGY is being given and received. -How YOU can show up in order to become the person you are aspiring to be in proximity with. Evaluating these things in your environment is one of the most, if not THE most important task to support your mental game. You forget who you are when you surround yourself with people that don’t support the GREATEST version of you.Your environment should ignite your PURPOSE, PASSION, and your CALLING in this life, it’s up to YOU to create it.

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