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Dr. Joe Dispenza - The Mind-Body Connection
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Welcome back, everybody, to The Ed Mylett Show! I’ve got an exceptional guest on the show today to teach us all how to master our minds and #MAXOUT our personal happiness and success. I would call him a peak performance expert because he has spent traveling the world, researching, and leading other people to greater healing and fulfillment.  Guys, I am so excited to have Dr. Joe Dispenza on the podcast today. This guy has some really deep insight into the connections between our minds and our bodies, and he knows how to teach you to optimize that connection for maximum SUCCESS. We’ll get deeper into the details of the story later, but Dr. Joe first discovered the power of the mind-body connection when he was severely injured during the cycling portion of a triathlon. His spine took a lot of damage, and four of the best surgeons in southern California told him he needed a complicated operation that may not have allowed him to walk ever again. But Dr. Joe decided that wasn’t good enough. In just nine and a half weeks, he was back on his feet. Less than three weeks after that, he was back in training. Dr. Joe had cracked the code and learned how to heal his body.

“And I swear it was like hitting a golf ball right in the sweet spot. It just clicked. And from that moment on, my body started to heal. I started to have less pain. My neurological symptoms were diminishing in the moment. I started to correlate the changes that were happening in my body with what I was going inside of me, and I just started doing it with more passion and more enthusiasm.” - Dr. Joe Dispenza

Dr. Joe Dispenza cracked the code. He figured out how to truly heal your body with your mind and #MAXOUT your mindset. Sound like something you’d want to learn more about? Read on!

Who Is Dr. Joe Dispenza?

Dr. Joe Dispenza is a world-renowned authority on the power of the mind-body connection. He started out by traveling the world interviewing people who have experienced what he calls “spontaneous remission” — a miraculous healing of terminal medical conditions. Today, he continues to travel the world as a speaker and educator dedicated to helping people like you and me #MAXOUT our own mind-body connections. Dr. Joe received his chiropractic doctorate degree from Life University, but after undergoing his own miraculous healing he decided to become an expert at the intersection of neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum physics. He’s a true genius and a leader in his field. Dr. Joe Dispenza’s books frequently top the New York Times bestseller charts, and his latest — Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon — is a true testament to his decades of research. It teaches you exactly how to unlock your mind’s potential to rewire your neural pathways, heal your body, and experience greater fulfillment and happiness. I know you’re going to want to pick up a copy! But don’t click away just yet, though, because I’ve got Dr. Joe right here in the studio to share a lot of his wisdom. In our interview, we’re going to go deep. We discuss Dr. Joe’s early experiences with the power of the mind-body connection through the lens of his own story of injury and recovery. We discuss the importance of changing your personality to change your reality. And finally, we talk about some practical things you can start doing today to get the most out of your mind-body connection.  I am so excited to dive into this interview. Dr. Joe Dispenza is a brilliant guy, and I was blown away by the great insights he brought to the table. Let’s go!

Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Story: Reconstructing His Spine with the Power of His Mind

As I said before, Dr. Joe Dispenza’s journey to become the world-renowned expert he is today began when he was seriously injured during a triathlon. He was on his bike and making a turn at an intersection when a four-wheel-drive Bronco going 55 mph hit him from behind. He landed hard on his back and broke six of the vertebrae in his spine. That injury should have been crippling. With so much damage to his spinal cord, Dr. Joe was lucky to be alive. He got four different opinions on how he should treat his injuries, and all four surgeons recommended a complicated operation called Harrington rod surgery, which would have required him to have steel rods surgically implanted in his back to realign his spinal cord. But Dr. Joe didn’t want the surgery. He knew that having the surgery would mean committing to a life of being handicapped, and he just wasn’t ready to give up yet. So what did he do?

“I thought I might as well take a chance here. … I think that this voice kept coming up in my head, saying [that] the power that made the body heals the body. And I thought, ‘... This power is an intelligence. And intelligence is consciousness. Consciousness is awareness. Awareness is paying attention. It must be paying attention to me.’ … And I said, ‘I’m not going to let any thought slip by my awareness that I don’t want to experience.’ … And so … I just started reconstructing my spine in my mind, vertebrae by vertebrae.” - Dr. Joe Dispenza

While he was injured, Dr. Joe spent a lot of time lying down thinking. So, he decided he had to make good use of that time if he wanted to have any hope of a full recovery. He practiced meditation and visualization. He imagined his spine repairing itself.  And believe it or not, it WORKED! As I said before, Dr. Joe’s spine fully healed from his injuries, and just three months later, he was back on his feet and in training. All the doctors and surgeons he talked to told him he would be in a full-body cast for a year and disabled for life, but through the power of meditation, Dr. Joe used his mind to heal his body.

Your Personality Creates Your Personal Reality

After that incredible experience, Dr. Joe fundamentally believes that your mind has the power to heal your body. But this doesn’t just apply to physical injuries. According to Dr. Joe, you can also use your mind to create new and positive emotions that will help you #MAXOUT your life and reach your goals. I really like the way Dr. Joe explains this idea. He says that “your personality creates your personal reality.” That means that your thoughts and reactions create the reality you live in.

“So your personality is made up of how you think, how you act, and how you feel. … [That] means, then, if you want to change your life, your personal reality, that means fundamentally you have to change your personality. That means you have to think about what you’ve been thinking about and change it. You have to begin to become aware of your unconscious habits and behaviors and modify them. And then you have to look at certain emotions that keep you anchored to the past and decide if those emotions belong in your future.” - Dr. Joe Dispenza

How often do you think about what you’re thinking about? Have you ever paused to consider why you react to things in a certain way? Dr. Joe says that our thought patterns are hard-wired into place by the time we’re 35 years old. Our reactions, habits, emotions, and behaviors happen automatically because our brains are used to them. That’s why so many get stuck in a rut and feel like we’re having the same experiences over and over again.

“... Most people wake up in the morning, and they start remembering their problems. And those problems are connected to certain people and certain things at certain times and places. The moment they start thinking about those problems, they’re thinking in the past. … Now thoughts are the language of the brain, and feelings are the language of the body. And how you think and how you feel creates your state of being. So most people’s entire state of being when they start their day is already in the past. So you have a choice — … you’re either defined by a vision of the future, or you’re defined by the memories of the past.” - Dr. Joe Dispenza

Here’s the good news: you can change your brain! You can actually change the way your brain is wired to allow for new thoughts, a new personality, and a new reality made up of new experiences.

How Can You Create Your Future?

So here’s the central question: How can we all do what Dr. Joe does? How can you tap into the power of your mind to intentionally change your feelings and create a new reality? Step one has to be meditation. Remember what Dr. Joe said about thinking about your personality? It’s made up of your thoughts. So, in order to change your personality and change your reality, you have to consider your thoughts and consciously make an effort to change them. And the best way to do that is to get quiet and meditate. Turn off the lights, close your eyes, leave your phone in another room, and take a few minutes to sit with your thoughts. It’s not going to be easy at first — all kinds of distractions will try to sneak in and keep you from focusing on your thoughts. But if you can shut out all other thoughts, you can truly begin to understand and change your old habits.

“I call that ‘getting beyond yourself’ because when you disconnect from your present personal reality and personality, now you’re ready to create something else. And so what thoughts do you want to fire and wire in your brain? What behaviors do you want to demonstrate in the act of rehearsing? The behavior begins to install the neurological hardware in your brain …” - Dr. Joe Dispenza

I just want to emphasize this idea of ‘rehearsing’ very quickly. When you rehearse or visualize something in your brain, you fully imagine the scenario. Maybe you want to start a business. If you rehearse that in your mind, you create a detailed image of yourself as a successful businessperson. And when you engage in that kind of imaginative thinking, your brain starts to connect the dots and figure out how you’re going to make that image a reality. That’s a powerful technique for rewiring your brain!

Time to Start Taking Notes

So step number one: meditation. Step number two: Write down your thoughts.

“So then what happens next? You start writing down all the choices you need to make, all the things you got to do, and all the goals and experiences you want in your future. And every time you write one of those goals or experiences down, you start to feel more of those emotions. And now you’re basically assembling your future.” - Dr. Joe Dispenza

When you go through that rehearsal process, you start to feel the positive emotions associated with living the life you’re imagining. But when you write those goals down — when you put your ideas for yourself down on paper — you start to feel those emotions even more strongly. And that causes your mind to create your new personality and the personal reality you want. On the flip side, you also need to write down the negative thoughts and emotions you need to stop feeling. In fact, Dr. Joe says that writing down the negative thought patterns you need to get rid of is the most essential part of this process.

“Now here’s the part that is the most important. Take out a piece of paper and say, ‘What thoughts do I have to stop thinking?’ You know, ‘I can’t,’ ‘[I’ll] start tomorrow,’ ‘[It’s] too hard’ … List those thoughts and become so conscious of those thoughts that you would never let one of those thoughts slip by your awareness unchecked by you.’ - Dr. Joe Dispenza

It’s essential to keep yourself laser-focused on your positive vision of your future. That means writing down your goals, and it also means writing down all the thoughts, emotions, and excuses you will refuse to let slip by. When you write those thoughts down, you take control of them. You reorient your mind away from your old patterns and toward your new and happier future.

#MAXOUT with Dr. Joe Dispenza

Guys, I want you to know that your future can start today. Your mind is deeply connected to your feelings, and you have the power to change your mind, change your feelings, and change your reality. You can create the life you want — you just have to be conscious and intentional about what thoughts you allow into your head and what thoughts you throw out. I am so grateful to Dr. Joe Dispenza for joining me on the show. I was so impressed by his brilliance and insightfulness, and I know you will be too! He has a really beautiful message to share the world that’s backed up by years worth of dedicated research, and I hope you’re inspired by hearing from him today. I know I was! If you loved this episode and you want to learn more about the connection between your mind and your body from Dr. Joe, check out his website here. And remember to look up his most recent book, Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon. We barely scratched the surface of Dr. Joe’s genius today, so it’s definitely worth checking out! And remember to share this episode on Instagram! You can tag Dr. Joe, @drjoedispenza, and me, @edmylett. And don’t forget to follow me so you can participate in my two-minute drills! When I make a post on my main feed, everybody who comments for the first two minutes with the hashtag #MAXOUT is automatically entered into a daily drawing. You could win gear, coaching calls, or even a 15-minute call with one of my guests. Don’t miss out! Thank you so much for joining me today, guys! I hope this episode inspired you to take control of your thoughts and #MAXOUT your life. I’ll talk to you later!

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