Maria Shriver – Creating Her Own Legacy

Maria Shriver is one of the most intelligent, well-known, and beloved women in America.

I’m honored to call her my friend and im so grateful to have her on my show for a wide-ranging exchange about:

Incredible life lessons, personal growth and development, reflections on family, self awareness, why we often behave the way we do… and an extended discussion about her work as an advocate for advancing research and a cure for Alzheimer’s disease.

Maria has accomplished so much in her life. She has maintained a high public profile as a member of the Kennedy family, a producer, network television journalist, and as the former first lady of California. She is also a multiple Emmy award winner, best-selling author, philanthropist, and women’s rights activist, among many other notable achievements.

You’ll want to hear what Maria has to say about creating self-confidence and identity, and how you can apply the lessons she has learned to your own life.

Maria also reveals some unique insights about what it’s like to live in a famous family, and the dynamics of what it’s like when every one of your relatives is a high achiever.

If you’re a woman, Maria speaks directly to you on the need for feminine empowerment and strength, balanced by kindness, compassion, sexuality, and overcoming stereotypes that have challenged women in the workplace for decades.

We also have a thought-provoking discussion about who we want to be in life, and how our perceptions and what we value changes as we get older. It’s a question all of us should ask ourselves frequently.

Perhaps the most important part of our talk centers around Maria’s work with the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement, a group she founded to raise awareness about women’s increased risk for Alzheimer’s disease.

If you or somebody you know suffers from Alzheimer’s, you must listen Maria has to say on this subject.

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