Kyle Cease - Detailed Strategies For Living In The Present


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Kyle Cease - Detailed Strategies For Living In The Present
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Stop ignoring your heart! Believe me when I tell you that your perception of who you think you are and what your life could be is about to completely change for the better... I am honored to introduce you to Actor, Comedian, and NY Times Best Selling Author, Kyle Cease. This interview is one that is filled with profound, simple, and true information. I was taken back by how eloquently Kyle is able to articulate what we are ALL are feeling on the inside. For all my mega-achievers out there, this is A MUST WATCH/LISTEN. Seriously... as people who are goal-oriented and continuously pushing for greatness, we need to bridge the gap between chasing that dream and enjoying ourselves along the way. I call this living “Blissfully Dissatisfied” Kyle gives depth to this concept If you feel as though you are not getting the RESULTS you are working towards, it may be as small as a perspective shift. This interview will give you that.... We talk about a LARGE range of topics from letting go of your past, money and abundance, mediation and our addiction to the past and future. We also go over the two reasons we keep something in our lives and why this awareness will completely free you of your attachments to the outcome. We touch on his motto of win, win, win, and guys..... this one is HUGE, we talk about two GIGANTIC truths of life that will TRANSFORM your perspective. Sometimes when things aren’t working out we start to struggle because we believe on some level that what is happening to us is bigger than we are... but that is an illusion. A lot of you are reading this right now, and you are in a transitional period of life... You’re asking yourself: “What if I picked up and moved?” “What if we did break up?” “What if I did start my business?” These “what if’s “ are actually calling on you to show up and do the thing you know you need to do!

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