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Inky Johnson - Perspective Drives Performance
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Don’t ask, “why me?” Ask, “Why NOT me!” I’m honored to present to you this conversation with my friend, Inky. You will be inspired. You will be changed. You will gain an entirely new perspective on LIFE and on ADVERSITY. Have you been tested in ways you felt you couldn’t understand? Have you ever been so close to your dream and felt as it if it just slipped through your fingers? I almost don’t have words. Sitting down with Inky Johnson, I actually gained a new perspective on certain aspects of life that I will never forget. Inky grew up in the heart of Atlanta surrounded by drugs and violence. He slept on the floor of a two-bedroom apartment with 14 other people, only to defy the odds and receive a scholarship to play football at the University of Tennessee, where he was a projected top NFL draft pick. This was all before a routine tackle changed the course of his life forever. Inky is one of the GREATEST communicators I know. He is an incredibly talented speaker and one of the most humble people I have ever known. This interview is going to inspire you on a core level because we’ve all had what felt like missed opportunities, failed dreams, or a bad hand dealt at times. But Inky's perspective will radically shift not only the way you think about your story but the MEANING it gives you. Sometimes when we are going after a dream, our driving force is fame or fortune. Inky’s story is a testament that when your driving force is integrity, character, and your values, you will go much FARTHER, FASTER. Your CHARACTER is BUILT in times of challenge and controversy. At times during our trials, we may think we are having set-backs, but really it is the very pivot that is driving you towards your higher purpose. Inky shares his beliefs on why the PROCESS is more important than the product, and we both agreed that HINDSIGHT really gives you the ability to see that there has always been a PLAN. If you are going through something right now, going after your dream, or trying to figure out the next step...this interview is FOR YOU. His keys and insights are unique and going to affect you in ways perhaps you’ve never experienced before.

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