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Erwin McManus - Cultivate Your Faith & Unlock Your Potential
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I think about the big questions in life a lot...

What is love?

How do I find truth?

Is there a better way to have a more intimate relationship with God?

You’ve got questions like these of your own and if you’re like me, you look for those answers all the time. That’s why I was particularly excited to sit down with my friend Erwin McManus.

Erwin has searched for answers to the big questions in life by studying the great religions of the world. That quest has combined his curiosity, spirituality, and creativity, turning him into one of the most important thought leaders in the world. He founded MOSAIC, one of the most influential and innovative churches in America and has written more than a dozen books that dig deep into our beliefs about religion, consciousness, and the essence of life.

Erwin is also an entrepreneur and an incredible designer.

I’ve never met a man like Erwin who can effortlessly move from profound subject to another with such ease. And rarely have I walked away with so many things to think about.

In this episode, we touch on spirituality, faith, and how a deeper understanding of spirituality will lead to a better understanding of who YOU are.

But we also talked a great deal about business and human giftedness

Erwin’s take on the gift of imagination is unlike any I’ve ever heard before. And his thoughts on why Jesus was a genius may give you one of the biggest “A-ha!” moments of your life.

Are you ready to challenge yourself with new ideas that will intensify your personal search for the truth in your life?

Do you want to know how you can have a closer relationship with God? Are you looking for compassion, mercy, love, and forgiveness…

If you are ready to uncover deep and compelling meaning in your own personal search for the truth…

Then you must listen to Erwin’s revealing thoughts that will help lead you to the answers you seek... to the great questions in life.

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