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John Edward - Life, Death, and Energy
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Discover how your inner energy works! John Edward is one of the country’s most renowned psychic mediums. For three decades, he has helped thousands of people with his uncanny ability to predict future events and communicate with those who have crossed over to the Other Side. He is the author of several critically-acclaimed New York Times Best Sellers, AND the star of the hit TV show - Crossing Over with John Edward. You don't have to believe that certain people may have a greater power of intuition or discernment, in order to benefit from this interview. Bluntly, you don’t have to believe in psychics to benefit from this conversation. In fact, I consulted with some of my dearest Christian pastor friends before I even had John on the show to get their opinion, and each of them encouraged me strongly to have this conversation. And I’m glad that I did. I’ll tell you this… You’re going to be riveted! At some point, every single one of us will experience the loss of a loved one and the grief that comes along with it. It is an inevitable fact of life. My conversation with John will offer a new perspective on life, death, and the energy that surrounds us. In this wide-ranging interview, John and I get into a detailed explanation of the vibrational energy we use to create perceptions that guide us in the world, how we can inventory the energy we have and need, and how we use this same energy to manifest our futures. We delve into why people are so fascinated with death as the great unknown and why John believes the real grieving over the loss of a loved one takes place the second year after they’ve passed. John's profession comes with a great deal of skepticism and criticism... similar to the naysayers your encounter in your own life. John and I get real about how he deals with the negativity AND how you can block out the noise and find success NO MATTER WHAT the haters say!

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