The BIGGEST BATTLES we fight on our way to SUCCESS are often the ones inside our own heads.

This week, I’m going to ask you to LOOK INWARD and FACE THOSE LIMITATIONS with the help of my guest, TOM MCCARTHY.

You are the product of the STORIES YOU TELL YOURSELF. As you’ll hear Tom explain, don’t underestimate the impact of those stories and how they affect you. If you’re not careful, the wrong stories lead to CONFORMITY and BEING AVERAGE which are your enemies if you want to lead an extraordinary life.

In addition to those stories, you must learn how ENERGY and EMOTIONS impact you as well.

They live in your conscious and your subconscious mind. Or as Tom calls it, your SUPER CONSCIOUS MIND because of how fast this part of your brain processes incoming information. Here’s the cool part. Tom is going to teach you how to PROGRAM your super conscious mind so you can start living better TODAY!

We also get into FOCUS and how you can use your own ENERGY and ELECTRICITY to turn your THOUGHTS into ACTIONABLE RESULTS.

When you apply these things properly, you’ll learn how to CHANGE YOUR STORY. And that’s where we go next. You’re going to get a great download on how to change the NARRATIVE OF YOUR LIFE.

Tom and I also go deep on CONFIDENCE and IDENTITY, which are common problems that lots of people struggle with. You’ll get some great info on those areas that you can use as well.

This week is all about giving you the tools you need for your personal brand of PEAK PERFORMANCE.

Tom and I spend a lot of our lives in this space, so get ready for our PEAK ADVICE over the next hour.

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