I’ve made some of you cry in recent weeks.

This week, my goal is to make all of you LAUGH and really help you LEARN.

Wanna truly know how to GROW your social media? Like really?

Or maybe you really wanna know how to get from where you are to where you DREAM of going?

What is a real strategy and the real thoughts of somebody who transforms their life?

Whether you wanna transform your life or explode your social media I have a full-blown expert this week.

And you’re gonna laugh your ass off.

My guest is TANK SINATRA, aka George Resch, and he’s been lighting up Instagram for the past few years with a sharp-witted combination of the best of the best memes he finds online and a good dose of his own commentary and original content.

Tank is the self-described Michael Jordan of memes (who has more than 11 MILLION FOLLOWERS on his various platforms, banking 4 BILLION IMPRESSIONS A YEAR and making him the #1 MEME CREATOR in the history of social media!

On the surface, Tank just THINKS FUNNY. It’s not what he does, it’s who he is. But as you’ll find out, a lot is going on underneath the surface of a guy who is 20 YEARS SOBER and leads an otherwise normal life in a New York City suburb with three kids, a great wife, and a day job he loves.

Tank’s life hasn’t always been FUN AND MEMES.

He’s forever been drawn to the funny parts of life but started out waiting tables and tried a lot of funny stuff (and failed) before he found his place and Tank Sinatra was born.

Tank freely shares some of the reasons he’s been so successful and the unique nature of how the online world works.

We also get into HIGHLIGHTING HAPPINESS. Many people equate money with happiness, but TANK keeps it real, with advice so SIMPLE and spot-on that you may have overlooked it in your life before now.

Here’s a hint…it’s an inside job, and I can tell you this…HAPPINESS IS THE NEW RICH.

Then we get into a new game you’re gonna want to play…Tank and his partner created INFLUENCERS IN THE WILD. The premise will BLOW YOU AWAY. Instead of playing the game and racking up money for the win, you travel around the world and add influencers. I’ll let Tank explain more, but suffice to say, this game is HILARIOUS.

You’re also going to get a hefty dose of Tank’s take on SELF-ESTEEM and SELF-AWARENESS. Pay attention to what we talk about because a lot of people really need to work on these parts of their lives.

We wrap things up with Tank offering wise advice by POLLUTING YOUR BRAIN WITH POSITIVITY as a way to overcome the constant bombardment of negativity that we all deal with every day.

Thanks to Tank!

And have a HAPPY DAY.

Hope we made you laugh this week…

You’ve EARNED it.

And you DESERVE it.

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