There are NO GUARANTEES in life.

There are only TRIUMPHS and SETBACKS.

My guest this week, RYAN SHAZIER, knows this all too well.


In a single moment, he went from living his best life as an NFL linebacker to the challenge of simply trying to walk again.

If you’ve ever had sudden and traumatic challenges turn your life upside down, you must hear Ryan’s story. Because this week, you’re going to learn how one man turned a potential tragedy into a NEW BEGINNING.

Ryan was an Ohio State Buckeye who was a first-round draft pick at linebacker by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2014. He quickly starred in the league, earning a trip to the PRO BOWL in 2016. But during the 2017 season, he made a headfirst tackle that left him unable to move his legs. Ryan underwent spinal stabilization surgery giving him the tools he needed to heal.

His new book, WALKING MIRACLE, goes into detail about what he went through and was a must read for me as soon as I got a copy.

Ryan spares no details in what he had to deal with after hearing news that he was paralyzed. But along with his mom and dad, Ryan worked hard to create the POSITIVE MINDSET he would need to start healing.

The GOOD NEWS is that surgery worked, and eventually Ryan did walk again. In fact, 17 months after the injury he danced at his own wedding.

But his NFL career was over. His identity was stripped away. And while he experienced the SUPREME TRIUMPH OF WALKING AGAIN, the setback of no longer playing the game he loved meant he had to pivot.

Ryan’s account of how he went from a pro athlete to a businessman is full of lessons you can use in your own life. He’ll tell you how he was NEVER RESENTFUL and why that was so critical to MOVE FORWARD, instead of living in a past that no longer existed.

There are so many great nuggets of WISDOM in his words that you must hear, especially Ryan’s advice for making a COMEBACK after a traumatic life experience.

Ryan Shazier embodies what it takes to OVERCOME tragic events in your life.

His story will move you, and for those of you who need it, also help HEAL you too.

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