Are you ready for a history lesson that has more meaning than ever today?

This week you’ll learn about a PHILOSOPHY that originated more than 2000 years ago and flourished during the Roman and Greek empires.

I’ve invited RYAN HOLIDAY for a fascinating discussion about STOICISM. He is one of the foremost experts on this way of thinking that teaches ETHICS, VIRTUE, SELF-CONTROL, and FORTITUDE as a way of overcoming destructive emotions.

What you’re about to hear will blow your mind and open you up to IDEAS you’ve never heard before.

Ryan has been studying stoicism all his adult life. He is going to give you straight answers to the questions…

Why is it that nobody has more pain than the LAZY?

What makes COURAGE, SELF-DISCIPLINE, JUSTICE, and WISDOM so important to stoicism?

What makes AMBITION a double-edged sword and PERFECTIONISM a vice?

Stoicism is also predicated on finding an optimal relationship with DISCOMFORT. Ryan will help you FRAME YOUR THINKING to succeed the best way possible by taking on tough challenges. Part of that also relates to how you structure your MORNING ROUTINES which are critical to how successful the rest of your day is.

We’re also going to get into an extended discussion of DISCIPLINE VS. TEMPTATION. If you want to get anywhere in life, you’ve got to cultivate discipline. Part of that also involves how you deal with losing control over your EMOTIONS and why SILENCE is often an essential form of STRENGTH.

Although STOICISM dates back more than two millennia, the ideas are timeless, and I think the principles Ryan espouses may be a perfect way forward in a world that feels like it has frequently lost its way.

Open your mind, listen, and I think at the end of the hour, you’ll agree…

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