Rod Carew – Baseball Legend’s UNSHAKEABLE Faith

ROD CAREW will be the first person to tell you that he has led a BLESSED LIFE, though it has been anything but an easy life.

For five years, when I was a young man pursuing my dream of playing baseball, Rod was my HITTING COACH, MENTOR, FRIEND, and a man I looked up to and ADMIRED deeply.

I am not overstating things when I tell you Rod Carew is directly responsible for TRANSFORMING me into the man I am today.

Not only are you about to hear an INSPIRING interview with tons of BASE HITS you can apply to your own life, but you’re also about to hear an INTENSELY PERSONAL AND EMOTIONAL interview for me as well.


Millions of baseball fans know Rod Carew as one of the PUREST hitters and best hitters ever in baseball. His stats and approach to the game are LEGENDARY.

During his 19-year career…

–Rod won 7 batting titles, including hitting for a mind-blowing .388 AVERAGE one season and winning another title without hitting a single home run in another.

–He batted .328 for his career, including hitting above .300 for 15 CONSECUTIVE SEASONS while racking up 3,053 CAREER HITS.

–In 2016, in recognition of his prowess at the plate, the MLB American League Batting Champion award was renamed the Rod Carew Award.

Fewer people know about the private side of Rod Carew. It’s there where you’ll find the INSPIRATIONAL and HEARTBREAKING chapters of his LIFE.

You will draw STRENGTH as you listen to Rod describe his early life in Panama with an abusive father, creating emotional scars he would carry with him well into his adult life.

Here’s a HUGE TAKEAWAY for every one of you…

Rod never took for granted the GIFTS and OPPORTUNITIES he was given. You’ll be more than a little surprised to learn he took extra batting practice throughout his entire career, including on the day he RETIRED!

And the story of how he got the best of NOLAN RYAN is pure gold.

No parent should ever go through the pain of losing a child, but when Rod lost his daughter, Michelle, to leukemia, it took his life in a completely NEW DIRECTION. I will forever ADMIRE him for how he took such a tragic event and turned it into something POSITIVE to help so many others.

You will also not believe how GOD INTERVENED when Rod had a massive heart attack, flatlining multiple times, and the REMARKABLE story that followed of how his heart transplant was a GIFT FROM GOD as well.

After all his achievements and adversity, Rod will tell you that what has seen him through is his FAITH IN GOD.

This faith has brought him immeasurable PEACE.

And by hearing my friend’s story, I hope you can also OPEN YOUR MIND and discover what it takes to find GREATER PEACE IN YOUR OWN LIFE, too.

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