Monica Aldama – Lead Like A 14-Time Champion

This week, you’re going to hear some incredible lessons on how to build a WINNING TEAM, LEADERSHIP, CULTURE, and DISCIPLINE from one of the legends in her chosen profession.

I consider my guest one of the ALL TIME GREATEST coaches in the history of college sports! Period. Her chosen sport is COMPETITIVE CHEERLEADING.

Cheerleading has changed in recent years. For many participants, long gone are the days of standing on the sidelines encouraging fans to show their spirit. Competitive cheerleading at a high level requires as much PERSEVERANCE, PRACTICE, and DEDICATION as much as any other athletic undertaking.

Nobody understands this better than MONICA ALDAMA who has set the STANDARD for two decades. She coaches the Navarro College team, located south of Dallas and considered one of the best programs in the country.

During her tenure, the Bulldogs have won 14 Junior College Division National Championships and five Grand National Titles.


In 2020, Monica was featured in _Cheer_, a Netflix docuseries that focused on the 2019 Navarro College coed cheerleading team. It captivated viewers and was a huge boost in introducing the sport to a wide audience. Since that time, she has made several TV appearances including a turn on _Dancing with the Stars_, and written FULL OUT, an inspirational guide on LEADERSHIP and developing a CHAMPIONSHIP MINDSET.

So, what lessons can a competitive cheerleading coach teach you?

The answer is A LOT!

No matter what you do in life, Monica is going to download actionable advice on a wide range of topics, including…


…what to look for in RECRUITS when you’re building a team.


…building a great culture by leading with RESPECT and INSTILLING BELIEF in people.

…avoiding burnout and dealing with PRESSURE.


This week’s episode really “sticks the landing” with tons of great advice you can use.

Monica Aldama is on the mat and practice is about to begin.

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