Michelle Waterson – The World’s Toughest Mom!

Even when you feel like you are so far from your dreams, they are MUCH CLOSER than you think!

Michelle Waterson AKA the Karate Hottie is an MMA and UFC Championship fighter. Formerly ranked the No. 1 women’s atomweight fighter IN THE WORLD, she’s honestly one of my FAVORITE athletes and I am honored to have her as my guest on The Ed Mylett Show!

Picture this… Michelle went from being one of the ring card girls holding up the UFC cards between rounds to becoming a UFC SENSATION!

And her journey has been very similar to the path many of you are facing right now. At one point she was lost…. She found herself in a “grey area” of her life. She was unclear about her purpose and seemed to just be aimlessly moving through life.

But God works in mysterious ways and even when we can’t see the path in front of us… the things we experience in our lives are happening FOR us and not TO us!

Little did Michelle know that her odd job as a ring card girl would lead to the biggest career breakthrough of her life!

In this interview, Michelle gets REAL about her journey, the battle of balancing staying humble while embracing your own greatness, and how YOU can identify your own superpowers!

This is an interview we can ALL relate to and be inspired by. We are all on a journey to become the next best version of ourselves and this interview will help you get there!

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