Michael Chandler – Championship Mindset of a UFC Fighter

Somebody’s got to be the best… why not YOU?

Michael Chandler is a UFC Top Competitor, and a person you can aspire to be like both in and out of the Octagon. He’s a 3x Bellator Lightweight Champion and is on his way to holding the UFC Lightweight title. He is a rising star, a good friend of mine, and truly one of the greats!

When you are locked in a cage staring in the face of an opponent that wants to rip your head off, it becomes just as much of a mental game as it is a physical one.

In this episode, Michael shares his secrets to preparing his mind for a WIN, eliminating the fear of failure, embracing failure, and being able to step fully into his purpose and his greatness!

No matter where you came from or how much of a slump you might be in, it’s time for you to THINK DIFFERENTLY! Michael went 688 days in between wins before he became an “overnight success.” It was all about his mental ability to overcome imposter syndrome, and embrace his past while FIGHTING for his future… for who he was destined to become!

The strategies you’ll learn in this interview will help you to accept your God-given imperfections and break free from the jail of self-doubt, how to create a mental highlight reel, and prepare your mind to win your next BIG FIGHT!

This is NOT just a SPORTS interview! It’s a master class on mental preparation, visualization and changing your mindset… I’m not exaggerating when I called a master class!

Don’t miss Michael’s next BIG FIGHT. It’s the main event on PPV May 15th against Charles Oliveira.

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