I’ve had lots of interesting and important people on my show over the past few years.

But this week is EXTRA SPECIAL for me because my children, MAX AND BELLA, agreed to sit down for a chat with their dad.

Part of the reason I asked Max and Bella to join me this week is that I know lots of you are curious about what it’s like living in our home. As you’ll hear, it’s probably not that much different than yours.

My success has allowed us to do some cool things over the years, and it has changed our lives for the better. But Max and Bella will also tell you how being a part of a public family and my accomplishments have affected them and their relationships with others. It can be complicated at times.

I ask lots of questions. More importantly, I also listen. Sometimes Max and Bella don’t need answers, they just need to know that you hear them. There’s extreme value in letting your kids figure things out for themselves.

Like my father, I’ve tried to instill that it’s not the size of your bank account that matters. Your CHARACTER and HOW YOU TREAT OTHER PEOPLE determine how rich you really are.

The greatest thing you can do as a parent is to prepare your kids for the world. TEACH them, let them EXPLORE, LEARN from their failures, and let them CARVE OUT their own lives.

You two are my GREATEST JOYS in life.



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