The question I’m asked most frequently is how to build more SELF CONFIDENCE. People recognize that this tool, above all others, is ESSENTIAL FOR SUCCESS in all parts of your life.

This week’s guest, LISA BILYEU, is a self-confidence expert, and she’s got a lot of valuable tips and strategies on how to build this CRITICAL MINDSET into your own life. Many of those thoughts are captured in her upcoming book RADICAL CONFIDENCE: 10 NO-BS LESSONS ON BECOMING THE HERO IN YOUR OWN LIFE.

As you’ll quickly discover, Lisa’s brand of self-confidence is RAW and DOWN TO EARTH.

Like many people, she’s overcome a lot of challenges. Instead of hiding, Lisa details how she CONSCIOUSLY chose to develop a STRONG SENSE OF SELF that changed her life forever.

That radical transformation led to a complete overhaul of how she approached those challenges. In fact, changing her mindset was one of the driving forces that she and her husband used to grow Quest Nutrition by 57,000% in 3 years, ranking it as INC. Magazine’s #2 Fasting Growing Company in North America in 2014.

Lisa reveals several practical strategies you’ll want to hear.

One of those is “KILLING THE SQUIRREL,” a metaphor for doing away with distractions in your life.

She also explains why using GRATITUDE the wrong way can be a dangerous pitfall in your life.

I’ve often said the toughest battles are the ones you fight between your ears which is why Lisa’s story about battling the MEAN GIRL VOICES in her head resonated with me, just like they will for you.

Lisa also talks about the importance of pushing forward and doing your best by focusing more on HOW YOU DO THINGS instead of worrying about the outcome. Stripping away that need for VALIDATION is one of Lisa’s primary keys to RADICAL CONFIDENCE and a lesson you’ll want to hear.

The bottom line is that Lisa preaches a pragmatic brand of COMMON-SENSE THINKING.

If you’re looking for EFFECTIVE SELF-CONFIDENCE STRATEGIES that will not only make you THINK but that you can put into ACTION, my interview with Lisa Bilyeu an hour well spent.

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