Kurt Warner – The American Underdog

Hollywood could not imagine a better UNDERDOG story than the one Kurt Warner has lived. So, they went straight to the source and made a movie about Kurt’s incredible journey.

“AMERICAN UNDERDOG: THE KURT WARNER STORY” opens in theaters soon, and I’m thrilled to welcome Kurt this week so you can hear firsthand how he OVERCAME INCREDIBLE ODDS to live one of the most INSPIRATIONAL stories I’ve heard in a long time.

After playing college football at Northern Iowa for four years, Kurt was undrafted and stocked shelves in a grocery store. He eventually landed a spot on the Iowa Barnstormers in the Arena Football League before signing with the St. Louis Rams as a backup quarterback in 1998.

A year later, everything changed.

Not only did he become a starter, during his first season, Kurt also led the Rams to a title in SUPER BOWL XXXIV and earned league and Super Bowl MVP honors. He won another league MVP when the Rams returned to Super Bowl XXXVI. After signing with the Cardinals, he led the team to their first Super Bowl appearance as well, making him the second quarterback in history to start the Super Bowl with two different teams.

When he retired, Kurt finished his career owning a dozen NFL RECORDS.

With all the challenges he faced, if anyone had a right to have self-doubt, it was Kurt.

Did he have self-doubt?


As he explains, Kurt always believed in his talent, but how he approached that talent had to CHANGE before he found success.

You’re also going to hear how stocking grocery store shelves helped Kurt create a path to the NFL. It’s a story of how doing COMMON THINGS the right way can produce decidedly UNCOMMON RESULTS that you can use in your life as well.

Kurt also gives you a masterclass on the importance of CONFIDENCE as an element of success, especially when you encounter inevitable setbacks.

FAITH has always been a part of Kurt’s life, and we spend a good deal of time talking about how Kurt’s RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD has grown and changed over the years to become one of the things that define who he is.

We touch on how he has actively applied faith in good times and the bad and how he has STAYED TRUE TO HIS FAITH despite setbacks after his incredible accomplishments.

At this time of year, and in times like these, we need UPLIFTING stories to help us find JOY and PEACE.

That’s why spending time listening to Kurt Warner’s story is a PERFECT GIFT you’ll want to give yourself and SHARE WITH OTHERS.

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