This week we talk about life. This episode is going to cause you to really evaluate what’s IMPORTANT to YOU, WHO and WHAT MATTERS and maybe a few of your priorities will shift.

I invited one of my best friends into the studio for a wide-ranging talk about important parts of YOUR LIFE that you may not usually pay much attention to.

Jenna is special, dispensing life advice through her enormously successful podcast, as an acclaimed author, educator, and thought leader. She’s got a new book out, HOW ARE YOU, REALLY? LIVING YOUR TRUTH ONE ANSWER AT A TIME, which is all about what it means to live a life that doesn’t just LOOK GOOD, it FEELS GOOD, too.

For those of you who are feeling your life is off track now, Jenna is going to help you right your ship and get back to living your best life.

It’s okay to be a HARD CHARGER, but as Jenna explains, never underestimate the need and the importance of REST. Rest is counter to what many success-driven people are programmed to do, but you need to find it or run the risk of crashing hard.

Jenna also delves into why it’s important to know yourself better and what questions you need to ask to make that happen.


What does SUCCESS look like for me?

Am I FAKING enjoying life?


We also get into SEASONS of your life and TIPPING POINT MOMENTS where what used to make you happy may not be the case as much anymore.

We’re also going to ask you to think about BURN OUT. Are you a person who can function even when you’re burned out? What are you doing to RECHARGE your mind and body because sooner or later, burnout will catch up to you.

Some of you also don’t have the best relationship with your bodies. Pay attention to what Jenna has to say about the relationship between your soul and your body.

How many of you fear losing MOMENTUM? Jenna’s got some great insights if that’s one of the things you’re worried about, too.

We also spend a lot of time talking about your VISION about what you want for your life. When was the last time you thought about…

How do you block out DISTRACTIONS?

How do you handle OTHER PEOPLE’S IDEAS about what you should do?

Does your vision vibe with your VALUES and YOUR IDEA OF SUCCESS?

And most important, when was the last time you CHECKED IN WITH YOUR VISION and asked HOW SHOULD IT FEEL?

So many BIG QUESTIONS to think about this week!

Don’t just listen to what Jenna has to say. Absorb it. Process it.

And then take the actions you need to give a great answer when somebody asks you, “How are you, really?”

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