8 Secrets to REAL LOVE

LOVE is the most POWERFUL EMOTION in the world.

Today I’m talking about it with the one and only, JAY SHETTY. Who says LOVE is a CHOICE.

This week, Jay DEFINES LOVE, explaining why the best way to love someone involves liking their PERSONALITY, mutually RESPECTING each other’s VALUES, and helping them achieve their GOALS.

You’ll learn how to love OTHERS better, but more importantly how YOU CAN LET MORE LOVE IN!

Jay also has deep insights on…

❤️ Overcoming the ongoing challenges of COMPARING, COMPLAINING, and CRITICIZING your partner.

❤️ Why people sometimes GROW APART over time.

❤️ The 4 QUESTIONS you should ask to maintain a loving relationship.

❤️ The difference between an INTIMATE LOVING relationship and a FRIENDLY LOVING relationship.

❤️ The right way to think about “THE ONE” that comes into your life.

❤️ 3 WAYS to meet the right people when you’re LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO LOVE.

❤️ Your GIFT and GAP EXPECTATIONS in a loving relationship.

❤️ The difference between LUST and LOVE and how you’re impacted by each one.

❤️ Losing SEXUAL ATTRACTION and how that affects the ways you love someone.

❤️ Defining the 4 LEVELS OF INTIMACY.

❤️ Why LOVE NEVER DIES, but what happens when other parts of your relationship do.

❤️ What you can do to salvage a relationship that’s on LIFE SUPPORT.

Be sure to listen with your HEAD and your HEART as Jay unlocks answers to questions about your most important relationships.

I guarantee you… You’re going to LOVE this week’s episode.

Make sure to WATCH/LISTEN to it and SHARE it with someone YOU LOVE ❤️

If you want to go even deeper on the nature of love, pick up Jay’s new book, 8 RULES OF LOVE, HOW TO FIND IT, KEEP IT, AND LET IT GO…an insightful read that demystifies what love is and what you can do to love others in RICHER and more NURTURING ways.

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