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Ed Mylett - HOW To be DECISIVE and Take MASSIVE ACTION Today!
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85% of your problems should be solved IMMEDIATELY! If they aren’t, it’s probably because you don’t have a system, strategy, or process to solve problems. Most problems and obstacles in life are caused by INDECISION. Instead of taking MASSIVE ACTION toward what they want in life, most people become stagnant and frozen in the face of a challenge and NEVER make a decision. If you want to eliminate problems from your life, the #1 system you need to adopt is becoming a DECISIVE person, who moves with CERTAINTY and takes MASSIVE ACTION. This system will obliterate 85% of your problems immediately! Think about the most significant problem you have right now. What effect is it having on your life? Is it affecting your family life? Is it affecting your work? Your faith? Your finances? Your happiness? Your health? Now imagine what your life would be like if it didn't exist. Problem GONE! That’s exactly what I’m sharing with you in this message. I’m going to teach you how to eliminate the problems in your life by walking you through my three-step process on how to become a MASTER PROBLEM SOLVER!  After reading this post, you will have the three steps to eliminating 85% of your life's problems and seven questions to ask yourself to get through the 15% of decisions that are keeping you stuck. So, BE DECISIVE and choose to absorb the rest of this content — you won’t regret it!

Why Successful People Get Excited About Challenges

The first thing you need to know about problems is that they need energy to live. In other words, whenever you think about or focus on your situation, you’re giving it energy and prolonging the problem. This is important to understand because most people try to solve their problems by pouring energy into them. If you want to #MAXOUT your life, you need to obsess over the solution, NOT the problem! This means that 90% of your time, energy, and focus should be towards the solution.  Choosing the obsess over a solution switches our internal narrative from seeing problems as negative to seeing them as positive opportunities to grow. The more we adopt this positive mindset towards challenges, the more we elevate our emotions. Elevating our emotions is important because the quality of our emotions dictates the quality of our life.  If you have the emotions of happiness, joy, ecstasy, peace, faith, and winning, you’re going to have a great life. If you have a life that's filled with emotions of depression, anxiety, fear, stress, worry, and anger, that’s not the greatest quality of life. So when a stimulus like a problem comes up, we better be thinking it's an opportunity to grow and invest our energy toward finding a solution, or we will start experiencing the negative emotions. Why? Because in life, emotions come from the meaning we take from specific experiences.  If the meaning we take from problems is negative, we’ll experience negative emotions, which will create a negative quality of life. However, if we decide that problems mean we have an opportunity to grow and we’re excited about that, we’ll experience POSITIVE emotions.   Remember, there are ALWAYS going to be problems and challenges in life. That’s a good thing because, without problems and challenges, we wouldn't grow. So the next time a challenge arrives, choose to see it as an opportunity to grow and obsess over the solution!

Three Fool-Proof Steps to Solve 85% of Your Problems

One of the main reasons I think people get stuck with indecision is that they want to make the perfect decision. But here’s the thing, NO decision is ALWAYS the WRONG decision. Why? Because it doesn’t move you anywhere — it keeps you stuck And as long as you’re stuck, you’re most likely spending energy on your problem, which keeps it alive and growing.  So, get out of that rut and start implementing these three steps to eliminate 85% of your problems: #1. Make a decision. JUST MAKE ONE. It doesn’t have to be pretty, perfect, or well-researched. It doesn’t have to solve the whole problem. It just has to be a decision.  #2. Flood yourself with certainty. Decide with confidence that the decision you made is right. Many people decide but stay stuck and won’t move forward because they keep second-guessing themselves. Instead of having massive certainty about their decision, they doubt themselves and never take action.  #3. Take massive action. Once you’ve decided,, start taking steps consistent with that decision. As you take action, you will discover whether you made the right decision and adjust accordingly.  Those three steps are the recipe for success in every area of your life. I don't care if it's in business, family, or sports. If you decide, flood yourself with certainty and take massive action, and you WILL see results. People wait around too long for the perfect plan. I’m telling you what I constantly remind my coaching clients: I'd rather have a flawed plan executed with certainty and massive action than a perfect plan executed with doubt and very little action.  There is no perfect decision. Make one. Choose certainty. Take ACTION!

Seven Questions to Ask Yourself to Get Through the 15% Problems Keeping You Stuck

Now that you have a system to solve 85% of your problems, let’s talk about what to do with the last 15% — the challenges that truly require deliberation. Regardless of the decision you’re trying to make, the three-step system we just went over will help you. However, some decisions continue to stop us in our tracks. The primary reason this happens is that we allow the problem to overwhelm us. Instead of being decisive, we’re drowning in stress, uncertainty, and defeat. To get out of this cycle, you need a strategy. My strategy is to ask yourself seven questions. These questions challenge your perception of reality and prompt you to rewrite an internal narrative consistent with the person you want to become.  #1. What problem am I stressing about? When we face a challenge, it’s easy to feel like the whole world is coming to an end when, in reality, one thing is not going the way we want. Instead of flipping your life completely upside down to see if it helps, slow down and identify these three things:

  1. Identify the problem you’re stressing over. 
  2. Identify the disempowering meaning you assigned to it. 
  3. Identify how you physically feel and are carrying yourself.
  4. Identify who you are blaming.

You can achieve massive things if you begin to build the muscle of eliminating distractions, disempowering stories, and stress. Figure out which problem you’re pouring energy into and who you’re blaming. Then assume responsibility — believe that you can change things positively — and ask yourself the next question.  #2. What is the result I want? You need to have a clear vision of exactly what you want when this problem is solved. It can't be a general thing. It needs to be specific and written out. This clear vision will not only help you start moving towards a solution, but it will also give you a way to know that you’ve solved the problem and put it behind you. #3. What are the possible resources available to me to solve this problem? Once you know exactly where you want to arrive, once this problem is solved, get resourceful. That means thinking about: Who could help you? What places, things, circumstances, and collaborations could you connect with? If you’re a person of faith, embrace the belief that you're being guided, and there's a blessing happening in your life. The more you begin to point out to yourself all the resources at your disposal, the more your anxiety and stress will be replaced with hope. #4. What can I learn from this? Many people say that it's tough for them to ask themselves this question when they’re in the midst of a problem. Let me be clear with you: No, it’s not hard. It’s just not a habit you have developed. There's nothing wrong or weak about making mistakes. There's nothing wrong with having problems. It’s only wrong if we’re repeatedly making the same mistake and running into the same problem. When you ask yourself, “What can I LEARN from this?” You're leveraging the problem to grow. You’re choosing to learn from the challenge, overcome it, and put it behind you.  #5. What is great about this problem? There is something great in every problem and challenge you face, whether it's being more prepared next time, implementing a system that will prevent it from happening again, or connecting with new people as you learn. In one way or another, this problem will improve your life, right? So, asking yourself this question helps you get in the right state of mind to flood yourself with certainty and take massive action.  #6. What am I WILLING to do to have the solution I want, and what am I NOT willing to do? Knowing what you’re willing to do to solve the problem lets you know how important finding a solution is. And clarifying at which point you’ll be compromising your integrity tells you when you’ve gone too far in finding a solution. These are both important to quantify because they help create moral certainty about your actions.  #7. How can I enjoy the process? Wouldn't it be nice to enjoy the process of overcoming challenges and problems rather than it always being something painful that we hate? Now, I’m not trying to minimize challenges and hard experiences. Sometimes problems are painful things. But I want you to ask yourself this question because it empowers you to make the process less miserable. Just think about it for a minute. Problems and challenges are something that will always exist in life. So, don’t you think it’s worth trying to find enjoyment in the challenge?

Three Things that Help Solve ANY Problem

I’ve given you a three-step process to eliminate decisions and seven questions to ask yourself to get past the problems that keep you stuck. But there are three things you need to understand if you want to feel confident about the decision you’re making.  #1. Solve your problems on paper. If you can’t blurt out a solution to your problem within 30 seconds of identifying it, you need to solve it on paper! Some people use a keyboard. Whatever you choose, make sure your problems are completely written out. This process of moving the problem from our head — where all the emotions are — to paper gives us clarity and helps us deal with our thoughts objectively. It’s almost as transferring that problem from our mind to the paper unlocks our ability to get specific and resourceful.  Putting problems outside of your mind and on a piece of paper moves you away from the emotion of the problem. As a result, your perspective changes and gives you a different level of awareness to solve the problem — almost like an aerial view. I use this technique for every one of my 15% questions, and I find that I have a much better probability of creating a solid solution.  #2. All decisions are made on probability. You may make a decision, and it ends up not solving your problem. That’s okay because what we're trying to do is make a decision that gives us the highest probability of solving the problem. All decisions are made on probability, meaning there's never a perfect plan. So, make all your decisions based on probability, not perfection. Stop waiting for the perfect plan and setting an unfair standard for yourself. Make a decision that gives you the highest probability of solving your problem and start taking ACTION! #3. Filter decisions through what I call “value clarity.” Often you’ll be able to choose from several solutions. Other times one problem has three or four other problems connected to it, so a solution could cause three or four different things to happen. In both of those situations, you need to be clear about the importance level of each piece involved. You need to know which results you’re willing to live with and which results are completely out of the question. That’s why you need to clarify the value of each problem and its corresponding solution. No problem is too hard for you to SOLVE. You may need to think outside of the box, extend your timeline, and get out a piece of paper, but little-by-little you are capable of overcoming this challenge and putting it behind you. Identify your values in the context of your problems and solutions, break up with perfection, and get in motion!

Why You Need to Master Decision-Making Today...

There's a great song by Biggie Smalls that says, “More money. More problems.” And it’s true. So if you're thinking that the wealthier or, the more successful you get, the fewer problems you're going to have, know that's not the case. If you don't believe me, think about this: You have more problems than when you were a kid, right? If you're at a higher level in your life right now than you were five years ago, you experience bigger and more frequent problems now, don’t you?  That doesn’t mean you did anything wrong or you’re having messed up success. It’s just how life works. It’s an indication of how problems and challenges are an indication of progress. This is why people say, “Show me the size of your problem, and I will show you the size of your success.” That’s why no matter where you are in life, you need to get good at making decisions because mastering decision-making now is equipping you with habits and routines that will serve you as your problems get bigger and bigger and bigger.  Now, I want to tell you how much I believe in you. That’s why the content I share here is so deep, specific, and thorough even though it’s completely FREE. I want you to have every tool possible to #MAXOUT your life because that's the kind of life I believe you are capable of! So, take these tools and run with them! I’m not here to be braggadocious, but let’s be honest, no one in the world shares the quality of content that you find here, especially for no charge. All I ask of you is to share this with your friends. Take a screenshot of this, share it on Instagram, and tag me @edmylett. If you're reading this, go to my YouTube channel and subscribe so that you can get notifications every time I release a new video. I think you'll be glad that you did!  And lastly, I want to remind you that every day I connect with my audience on social media more than anybody else — so much so that Instagram blocks my account half the time. Consistently and intentionally engaging with my audience is one reason I believe the #MAXOUT universe is getting so huge. In the last year and a half, we have grown to be the number one personal development, business, and life-strategy accounts on social media.  So, join the momentum by following my account @edmylett and commenting on my posts within the first two minutes. That qualifies you to be entered into our daily drawing to win anything from a ride in my jet to gear from my store. If you miss the two-minute window, just comment on every post that week, and you’ll be entered into a weekly drawing. I don’t think anybody else does this two-minute drill, and I’m super proud of it because it keeps me connected with you. So turn on your notifications and get in on the action! Thanks for joining me today.  Now, be decisive, take massive action, and go #MAXOUT your life!

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