“The greatest piece of who we are is our vulnerability…our open-heartedness is our genius…”

LEANN RIMES is an American treasure and one of my all-time favorite recording artists.

I am so excited to welcome her to my show this week for an incredibly deep conversation about life, emotions, mental health, God and much much more.

This conversation will MOVE you and when I say it’s DEEP, I mean it . We are both very open and vulnerable in this conversation and it won’t soon be forgotten.

Trust me, we are both incredibly open in ways maybe neither one of us have been before


Think about this as you listen.

That’s not to say it has always been easy for LeAnn, because it hasn’t.

She makes no secret of her love of GOD and the role how PRESENCE has played in her life. You’re going to hear what that presence means and the important role this plays in her singing.

That FAITH has also been instrumental in guiding her career and her personal life.

LeAnn is going to tell you how she handles ANXIETY, being PLUGGED IN all the time, and finding ways to take good care of herself through it all. We’re also going to dig into why it’s dangerous to TIE YOUR IDENTITY TO EXTERNAL ACHIEVEMENTS and how LeAnn’s thinking about that has evolved over time.

Like any highly creative person, she’s also prone to CREATIVE HIGHS and the crashes that often come after. Those ups and downs are real, not only for her but for everyone. You’ll want to hear how she manages those types of emotions so you can use that wisdom in your own life.

We’re going to close with two things LeAnn knows a lot about…

Working on getting LOVE from other people…

And advice for making your DREAMS come true.

I think she’s well “VERSED” to talk about these things, and after you hear her, you’ll think so too.

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