I think the internet might just break this week. The energy and inspiration level on this week’s show is unprecedented, on any podcast ever!

Because this week, my guest is none other than my dear friend, DR. ERIC THOMAS.

The last time he was on my show, it became one of the MOST DOWNLOADED episodes ever.

If you’ve ever been down in life, and thought that the odds were stacked so high against you that you’d never pull through, you need to hear Eric’s story.

It will INSPIRE you. Give you HOPE. And help LEAD you out of your own challenges to a better life that’s waiting for you on the other side.

Eric is known as the HIP-HOP PREACHER, and his talks are legendary. He works with Fortune 500 companies and pro sports teams, and has a new book, YOU OWE YOU, Igniting Your Power, Your Purpose, and Your Why.

Eric dropped out of high school and spent time even living on the streets before meeting a minister who changed his life completely, eventually leading him to earn his Ph.D. a few years later.

We’re also going to talk about something I believe in a lot…discovering and using your UNIQUE SUPERPOWERS. As you’ll hear, it’s not enough to figure out what those superpowers are, you must go out and WORK AT THEM to live the life you were meant to live.

Eric also has great insights about finding the EXTRINSIC and INTRINSIC fuel you need to create electric ENERGY in your life.

I also couldn’t have my friend on and not have him talk about PRAYING, LISTENING TO THE LORD, and connecting to your CONFIDENCE as part of your FAITH JOURNEY.

Eric also has got great insights on putting yourself in MIRACLE territories, why YOU OWE YOU everything, and how people wrestle with overcoming IMPOSTER SYNDROME.

Listen to this SERMON from start to finish.

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