GROUNDBREAKING Science Between Your Mind & Gut Health with DR. AMY SHAH

THIS is a REVOLUTIONARY conversation about the INTERSECTION of YOUR BRAIN, GUT microbiome and FOOD!

This podcast with Dr. Amy Shah is going to BLOW you away with her CUTTING-EDGE insights about YOUR HEALTH and the connection between your GUT BIOME and YOUR MIND.

DR. SHAH has written two books and is beyond qualified as a double board-certified doctor and nutritional expert who has studied at Cornell, Harvard, AND Columbia University.

In a fast-moving hour, DR. SHAH unlocks more mysteries about gut health, your immune system, the brain-gut-bacteria connection, and several other critical things you should know to help you feel and live better, including…

💪🏽 Fermented food and the link to bacterial DOPAMINE

💪🏽 How FOOD CRAVINGS are linked to our memories

💪🏽 Six SUPERFOODS you should eat every day

💪🏽 How processed foods affect your MOOD

💪🏽 Why you need to eat MORE PROTEIN for peak health

💪🏽 The right way and wrong way to fast, and the link to CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS

💪🏽 Food and female HORMONE health

💪🏽 What are PREBIOTICS and PSYCHOBIOTICS, and how they interact with your body

💪🏽 The science behind FECAL TRANSPLANTS

💪🏽 The link between gut health and EXERCISE

💪🏽 Things you can do to SLEEP BETTER and should you take CBD or melatonin supplements to help you sleep better

💪🏽 The truth about how much WATER and COFFEE you should drink

Dr. Shah does an incredible job of SETTING THE TABLE with a commonsense approach to FOOD and GUT HEALTH.

That’s why you’re going to EAT UP THIS EPISODE if you’re looking for ways to live a more HEALTHY, HAPPY, and LONGER LIFE.

Make sure you have a notepad open you’re going to want to apply these STRATEGIES in your life TODAY so you can be HEALTHIER & HAPPIER tomorrow!

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