So what is “That Thing“ you gotta have about you in order to be successful?

To separate from the pack?

To make a dream a reality?

This week you are gonna hear from someone who knows.


My guest this week is David A. Arnold.

Not only is he a brilliant standup comedian, David channels his life’s observations as a SITCOM WRITER, PRODUCER, and ACTOR as well.

After I watched his Netflix special, IT AIN’T FOR THE WEAK, and laughed my ass off, I made it a big priority to get him on the show. When you hear his takes on life, parenting, hard knocks, and more, you’ll understand why.

This is a man with a lot of takes you’re going to love hearing about.

Part of what I love about him is that David struggled in the backwaters of comedy for a long time before he broke through. He’s used the TRAGEDY and PATHOS in his life to fuel a brand of comedy that is INSPIRATIONAL for everyone going through stuff right now… which is basically all of us.

He’s blowing up now after working in the business for more than 25 YEARS, building an impressive resume as one of the MOST SUCCESSFUL people in front of and behind the camera in the entertainment business. When you hear David talk about his WORK ETHIC, you’ll know there were no shortcuts to him earning everything he’s achieved.

David’s source of strength through it all has been his connection to his family. Not only are they sources for a lot of his material, they’re also what drives him to keep working at “THAT THING” as he likes to refer to it.

David gets into why it’s important to REFUSING TO LIVE WITH EXCUSES or challenges you faced growing up. It’s a fascinating look at someone who’s overcome unusual family dynamics, addiction, and being incarcerated (for a fix-it ticket!). As you’ll hear, BREAKING THROUGH is not for the weak.

We’re also going to talk about David’s creative process for generating material, how he deals with imposter syndrome, and having A WILL TO SUCCEED that’s not for sale. The bottom line is that making people laugh is HARD WORK.

You can’t talk to David for an hour and not touch on KIDS and MARRIAGE. David’s down-to-earth take on both is filled with spot on insights that will make your life and your family relationships better.

We are going to wrap up with advice on other parts of your life David wants you to know about too.

You’re gonna LAUGH this week.

You’re gonna THINK about what you hear too.

David A. Arnold has got the goods.

So listen up…

This is a FASCINATING hour with a man who has used a lifetime of paying his dues to create a universal WISDOM that’s perfect advice for us all.

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