Christina P. – Beyond Comedy

This week you will LAUGH, LEARN, and be incredibly INSPIRED.

My guest had an insanely difficult childhood and still went on to have tremendous success in so many areas of life.

How do you overcome pain? A difficult childhood or relationship?
How do you navigate career and family? Etc etc

This week I’m honored to share with you the truly incredible Christina Pazsitzky.

At the end of the show I think you’ll feel like you went through one of the most enjoyable therapy sessions you could possibly ever imagine.

I have followed her work for a couple of years now, and I think she is one of the MOST TALENTED ARTISTS in any field I’ve ever seen.

She is married to stand-up comedian TOM SEGURA and has two boys, so you can guess how crazy that house is most times.

Although you’ll crack up at what she’s got to say, much of Christina’s humor is rooted in some pretty HEAVY ISSUES. Much of the world’s great humor starts from places of pain, and as you’ll hear, Christina is no exception.

Christina has taken those DARK, EDGY PLACES with no safe place that scared her as a child and turned them into EMOTIONAL INSIGHTS that can’t be faked. Try growing up with a mom who was borderline schizophrenic and a dad who’s been married five times! She was able to take those extremes and turn them into INCREDIBLY RELATABLE OBSERVATIONS.

Pay particular attention to Christina’s KETAMINE TRIP after breaking her ankle in four places. It’s one of the most powerful stories I’ve ever heard, especially after tying it into the story she tells on her Mom Genes special.

You’ll also hear Christina’s take on going to THERAPY for 12 years. Spoiler alert! In a completely sane answer, she’s a big fan of it.

Expect to LAUGH.

But also be prepared to DROP A TEAR or two…

That’s the essence of comedy.

And the essence of Christina P.


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