CHARLES DUHIGG - Use Science to Control Your Habits


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CHARLES DUHIGG - Use Science to Control Your Habits
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How often are you exhausted by being busy all the time, but not ever feeling very productive? Do you get frustrated that you’re not closer to living the life you dreamed of? If so, get ready to download some KNOWLEDGE that’s going to CHANGE how you live. One of the ways your brain is REMARKABLE is that it is always searching for ways to conserve energy by being more EFFICIENT. And one of the most important ways it does this is by steering you toward what you already know. And what you already know are your HABITS. The science behind HABITS and PRODUCTIVITY is a fascinating topic. Once you understand how habits are formed, you can apply this knowledge to your life and create MASSIVE POSITIVE CHANGES. This week, I’m excited to discuss exactly how you can do that with one of the TOP EXPERTS in this field. CHARLES DUHIGG is a Pulitzer-prize-winning reporter and the author of “Smarter Faster Better,” about the science of productivity, and “The Power of Habit,” about the science of habit formation in our lives, companies, and societies. He’s also a veteran journalist who has written for the New York Times, The New Yorker Magazine and is a frequent contributor the shows such as This American Life, N.P.R., The Newshour with Jim Lehrer, and Frontline. He’s spent years studying the NEUROLOGICAL UNDERPINNINGS of habits and productivity, looking closely at HOW HABITS ARE FORMED, the importance of CUES, the psychology of NEAR MISSES (Hint: pay close attention to what Charles has to say about gambling in Las Vegas), and why it’s important to create and enjoy REWARDS when you engage in positive habits. If you’re a business owner, top executive, or leader of any kind, you’ll want to hear Charles’s take on how KEYSTONE HABITS can change an organization. As you can already figure out, the right organizational habits can not only lead to huge increases in positive work culture and your BOTTOM LINE, but they can often spell the difference between whether a business ultimately succeeds or fails as well. In practical terms, Charles will also tell you HOW TO CREATE NEW HABITS, engage in the practice of DIRECTED FOCUS, and why STARTING SMALL is one of the keys to making sure new habits stay locked in. If you’re concerned about efficiency in your life (as you should be!), Charles Duhigg is going to teach you how to SAVE TIME AND MONEY, be more PRODUCTIVE, and GAIN CONTROL so you can lead a HAPPIER and more BLISSFUL life. And that’s a HABIT we should all strive for…

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