Candy Valentino – Ordinary Steps For An Extraordinary Wealthy Life 

“Remember who you are. Remember that you survived 100% of your worst days because you’re still here…”

This week, my guest, CANDY VALENTINO, and I will talk about a subject near and dear to everyone’s heart.

That subject is MONEY.

How to MAKE IT. How to KEEP IT.

The kind of MINDSET you’ll need.

And whether the accumulation of wealth is WORTH IT or not.

I want you to hear Candy’s story because she started out like most people…with little more than GRIT, DETERMINATION, and unwavering CONFIDENCE.

Candy is the REAL DEAL. She’s been successfully building businesses since she was 19. And doing so with NO DEGREE, NO CORPORATE BACKGROUND, NO MONEY, and NO INTERNET ACCESS! Since then, she’s built and sold businesses in service, retail, e-commerce, and product manufacturing, creating a vast real estate portfolio as a flipper and investor.

Pay close attention because in the hour we spend together, you will get a TACTICAL MASTER CLASS in creating wealth and using it for GOOD CAUSES from a woman who has become an important author, investor, philanthropist, and more.

Much of what we talk about is how to position yourself mentally for financial success. You’re going to hear why Candy advocates for thinking of yourself as a business owner instead of being self-employed.

That leads us to the psychology behind LIVING BELOW YOUR MEANS, why RELATIONSHIPS are critical and need to be nurtured as much as possible, GOOD DEBT vs. BAD DEBT, INVESTING LEVERAGE, and why SIDE HUSTLES should be an essential part of your success formula.

Many of you also wonder if PLAYING THE LONG GAME and all the SACRIFICE is worth it. It’s no secret I think that’s the case. You’ll want to hear Candy, and I discuss what that sacrifice means, the problems money solves, and more importantly, the problems money does not solve.

You rarely get an insider’s education like this, and the best part is the only cost to you is to PAY ATTENTION

It’s an INVESTMENT you won’t regret.

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