This week I’m honored to release a truly life changing conversation with my friend and country music superstar Brett Eldredge.

We go incredibly deep… I mean incredibly deep!

On mental health, anxiety, imposter syndrome and so many other things that I know many of us struggle with.

As a bonus, we discuss his peak performance strategies as well.

A remarkable REVEALING PEEK behind what it’s like to bare the deepest parts of your SOUL while constantly living in that public eye.

Bret had the courage in this interview to be as open as anybody who has ever been on my show. I know his strategies will help you and his vulnerability will inspire you.

You’re going to hear some straight talk about Brett’s struggles with PRESSURE AND ANXIETY and the enormous ongoing responsibilities of having to write songs that the record company, his fans, and he likes as well.

Like many other talented entertainers, Brett has also dealt with IMPOSTOR SYNDROME and handling CRITICISM. You’ll also be especially interested in hearing his battles with DYSLEXIA and how he fought to overcome that unique challenge.

He also talks about the time he almost walked away from it all and whether all the SACRIFICES have been worth it.

Despite his battles, Brett has maintained an even-tempered approach to his career. He is a role model for people trying to break into the business and wraps up our talk with some GREAT ADVICE FOR CHASING YOUR DREAMS, whether you want to be a country music superstar or anything else you want to pursue in life.

So… kick back and relax for a spell.

Brett’s got some great stories to tell, and you’re gonna want to give them a listen.

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