The Success Blueprint with Bethenny Frankel

What does it take to be one of the SHARPEST ENTREPRENEURS in the world?

How can you apply proven PRACTICAL and TACTICAL business lessons from a person like this to your own start-up ventures?

This week, you’re going to get answers to these questions and more from my guest BETHENNY FRANKEL. You probably already know Bethanny through her work as a serial entrepreneur, reality television star, podcaster, and best-selling author.

Bethenny is going to give you an insider’s take on how she applied insights and knowledge to grow several businesses, including the phenomenally successful SKINNY GIRL MARGARITA.

One of her foundational beliefs is that success is the interaction of INTENTION and LUCK at the same time. Bethenny explains why that involves WORKING SMART instead of just WORKING HARD, and why EMOTIONAL CONTROL is one of the most important keys to business success.

You’ll learn how SOCIAL MEDIA plays a key role in building an IDENTITY and a BRAND that adds value to your business. Bethanny also explains why paying attention the SMALLEST DETAILS, and having CONFIDENCE, DECISIVENESS, and PREPARATION are important elements to business success.

Our conversation is an INTENSE hour based on the REALITY of what it takes to win in business. Pay attention and PREPARE TO PROSPER.

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