Lessons from 2022 that will SHIFT YOUR IDENTITY

CHANGE is INEVITABLE and in order to live your best life, you’ve got to have EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES in place to get the most out of those changes.

Some changes YOU CHOOSE and some changes you don’t, but you get to CHOOSE HOW TO HANDLE THEM.

At the beginning of 2022, I decided to make the core message of what I wanted to share with you about EMBRACING CHANGE.

My book, THE POWER OF ONE MORE, my television show, CHANGE WITH ED MYLETT and my podcast, The Ed Mylett Show are ALL dedicated to making POSITIVE CHANGES to give you the powerful tactics I have used throughout my life so that YOU CAN TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE.

This week, I wanted to share some highlights from past episodes focusing on CHANGE to help you lead a better life in 2023 and beyond.

You’re going to hear great advice from my conversations with…

➡️ DR. JOE DISPENZA with practical steps on how to change negative thinking

➡️ TONY ROBBINS shares the traits of FULFILLED PEOPLE and the seasons of our lives

➡️ JAIME KERN LIMA on handling other people’s limiting beliefs

➡️ Why you should look in the mirror to EMPOWER YOURSELF with ERIC THOMAS

➡️ Overcoming physical and mental pain with PHIL HEATH

➡️ JENNA KUTCHER on balance and the importance of resting well so you can hustle well

➡️ Dealing with thoughts of not feeling worthy of your success with DEAN GRAZIOSI

Here’s to a BLESSED and PRODUCTIVE 2023.

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