It’s one thing to START A BUSINESS.

It’s quite another to SCALE IT FOR LONG-TERM SUCCESS.

This week I’ve invited serial entrepreneur and investor ALEX HORMOZI to share expert advice on how to MONETIZE AND GROW your business.

I hope you’re ready for a show with some of the most UNIQUE and INTELLIGENT business insights I’ve heard in a long time and all from a guy who’s only 32 years old!

Alex is the CEO of ACQUISITION.COM, and he and his wife Leila have built a portfolio of companies that generate more than $85 million annually in sales. They are active PHILANTHROPISTS, donating millions to advancing equal access to education in underprivileged communities.

Alex is also active on social media and a frequent guest contributor to FORBES and ENTREPRENEUR, where he shares good and bad lessons with ASPIRING ENTREPRENEURS to help them avoid mistakes he’s made along the way.

Today, he’s going to do that for our #MAXOUT audience.

Even if you’re not in business, Alex will also cover many things you can use in your personal life.

We’re going to dig into the concept of LEVERAGE which is exactly what you’re going to need for your business and personal growth. Alex explains the FOUR TYPES OF LEVERAGE–LABOR, CAPITAL, SOFTWARE, AND MEDIA–and how you can get LEVERAGE ON YOURSELF.

One of the keys to success is always operating with a sense of URGENCY. Alex has an EVERYDAY URGENCY BLUEPRINT you’ll want to hear and apply to your life.

We’re also going to spend a lot of time talking about Alex’s takes on SCARCITY STACK and the TRIM AND STACK HACK to maximize your business’s growth. They’re simple and powerful strategies that work in every type of business.

Alex has also got important advice on how and why you should be PRODUCT and CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE ORIENTED if you want your business to really take off.

There’s a ton of stuff to unpack this week…

My advice on where to start?

By LEVERAGING YOUR LISTENING to what Alex has to say.


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