This week’s guest, ALAN STEIN JR., is all about what it takes to MAX OUT.

If you’ve often thought you need more MENTAL TOUGHNESS in your life to give you added discipline, cohesion, and accountability, pay close attention and take a lot of notes.

This is the NEXT-LEVEL episode you’ve been waiting for.

We’re going to spend an hour talking about what it takes to be more than the best…we’re going to talk about what it takes to be the GREATEST OF ALL TIME, no matter what you do.

There’s a GOAT mentality, and Alan will REVEAL all the things it takes to turn you into a fire-breathing COMPETITIVE WINNER.

Alan has been all about PRODUCING RESULTS for two decades now.

For more than 15 years, he worked with some of the highest performing basketball players on the planet, including KOBE BRYANT, STEPH CURRY, KEVIN DURANT, and a lot of other household names. He is also one of the world’s foremost authorities on what it takes to improve individual and organizational performance and leadership. He has also authored two highly successful books, RAISE YOUR GAME and his newly released SUSTAIN YOUR GAME.

Are you ready for an insider’s take on Kobe’s MASTERY OF THE BASICS? You’re going to be blown away by Alan’s “Kobe at 4 am” story.

Do you want to be the ABSOLUTE BEST while still avoiding burnout?

Want some world-class advice on how to FOCUS better?

Alan will also get into the critical skill of developing PROCESSES AND STANDARDS as a key part of being a high achiever.

He also talks about using STRESS and managing ENERGY to YOUR ADVANTAGE instead of falling into traps in those areas like so many people do.

We’re also going to spend time talking about VISUALIZATION, which I practice regularly.

You’ll also get practical advice in the form of THREE STEPS you must take to effect change in your life.

Alan is all about how vital the proper MINDSET is in helping you achieve a MAXXED OUT life. When you can practice several of the things you’ll hear this week, you’ll soon be on your own GOAT journey as well.

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