Steven Furtick - How to Become the Person God Designed You to Be


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Steven Furtick - How to Become the Person God Designed You to Be
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Unleash your hidden strengths— “Your greatest limitations are your greatest opportunities…”
This week, I'm thrilled to introduce someone who has had an impact on my life from the moment we met—Steven Furtick. He's not just a pastor at the globally renowned Elevation Church; he's also a Grammy-winning composer, songwriter, and a New York Times best-selling author. His latest work, "Do the New You: 6 Mindsets to Become Who You Were Created to Be," is essential reading for anyone on a quest to uncover their true self and lead a life of greater joy, kindness, and bravery.
Steven brings a refreshing take on living authentically, emphasizing the importance of GROWTH over settling for a lesser version of ourselves—one that might not align with what God has planned for us. His insights are not just transformative; they're ACTIONABLE, providing you with the tools to flourish in a challenging world.
In this episode, we dive into:
  • How modern believers can navigate their spiritual journeys amidst today's unique challenges
  • Strategies to accept your imperfections, realize your full potential and overcome imposter syndrome
  • How your biggest hurdles can become your greatest victories through faith
  • The Six Mindsets for a Fulfilled Life: Practical steps to reshape your thinking and enhance your life
  • Understanding how to feel and recognize the love from a heavenly father
  • Insights into what lies beyond this life and how to prepare for it
Steven's profound narrative will show you that the moments you feel confined by your limitations are often the times God is setting you up for the greatest revelations about your potential. 
Join us for a journey of discovery that promises not only to enlighten but also to empower you with a
renewed sense of purpose and peace. This may be your pathway to a life you’ve never imagined possible.
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